• Phygital Apparel: The Future of Sustainable Fashion

    The new normal for fashion includes apparel designed with sustainability and a circular economy in mind. These clothes will make a statement not just in the physical world but also in the metaverse.
  • Add Memories to Your NFTs

    Phygitals come with a feature that allows you to add unlimited “memories.” These may be in the form of text, images, or videos. 

    Now, instead of fleeting moments, you can capture these memories into photographs and videos you can always look back to. 

  • MIT Predicted a Societal Collapse. Here's How NFTs Can Prevent That.

    A 1972 study by MIT scientists discovered that global society could experience a societal collapse this century.

    NFTs can be used to incentivize brands to create sustainable and longer lasting and prevent the said collapse.

  • Real Items powers NFTG - AMA with Polygon

    Real Items team has collaborated with talented people worldwide to build a fair-launched auction house called NFTGallery (NFTG). We're also bringing in Polygon (formerly known as MATIC) to leverage their Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain.
  • Why We Choose To Be Blockchain Agnostic

    Real Items’ big vision has always been to put our clients and users first. This means offering to them whatever technology suits their use cases best.
  • How Real Items Phygitals Address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

    Phygitals do more than add a layer of trust to physical products. They can be leveraged to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) and achieve a more sustainable future for all.
  • Building the Phygital Future: NFTs for Real-World Assets

    Physical assets, as they are today, are largely untrustworthy. We often do not know whether the product we own is genuine or counterfeit. Phygitals are here to change that.
  • Allauras creates carbon-neutral, easy-to-buy NFTs using Real Items technology

    NFTs are all the rage now, but will these digital products still be worth a lot in the future? Allauras has found a way to add more value to their NFTs by pairing them with physical products that people can proudly display in their homes.

  • How Real Items NFTs Contribute Toward a Circular Economy

    Here's how Real Items turned NFTs from ecologically destructive assets to ones that contribute towards a circular economy.
  • Blkburd Genes Uses Real Items' Phygital NFT Technology in Limited Edition Apparel

    Blkburd Genes is a company of profound creatives who make informative lifestyle products using the world’s history and technology. To convey their products’ story, Blkburd Genes paired their physical products with NFTs and turned them into Phygitals using Real Items technology.
  • 5 Ways NFTs Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

    NFTs are suddenly everywhere and prove to have more applications beyond the intensifying hype and investment frenzy. They bring new possibilities for businesses selling digital goods and physical products. Brand marketers and Shopify store owners can especially benefit from the traceability that NFTs bring.
  • Serialized QR Codes Improved Supply Chain Resilience During COVID-19

    While there are different ways to digitize your supply chain, businesses have a straightforward solution that allows them to keep up with logistics and maintain transparency throughout their supply chain: Serialized QR Codes.