Add Memories to Your NFTs

You see an epic NFT online. 

You want to purchase it.

You open Metamask, ready to buy that NFT. 

There is an “Insufficient funds” error.

The ETH gas fee costs more than the NFT.

Sound familiar?

If you’ve experienced this, you’re not alone. NFTs are novel in that they serve as proof of ownership and can easily be resold online for double the original price.

But is that all there is to NFTs? Are they just overpriced jpegs?

NFTs as our identity

Humans have felt the need to “own” things for the longest time. According to the British Psychological Society, children as young as six years old exhibit the “endowment effect” and place value on objects that are theirs. As children turn into teens, they see possessions as a crutch for the self. Similarly, NFTs especially profile picture (PFP) NFTs, often become a symbol of our identities.


BAYC NFTs on OpenSea.


Like a uniform, PFP NFTs also signal our membership of social groups, both to others and ourselves. Two of the most known PFP NFTs are Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). BAYC NFTs also doubles as a membership that gives access to their exclusive Discord server and other NFT collectibles, usually airdropped for free. Another crypto social club that provides membership NFTs is NFT Gallery (NFTG). NFTG memberships give exclusive access to an active and helpful community, unique NFTs, educational resources, and more. 

As these NFTs accumulate and become more infused with our identities, their preciousness increases. People are now using PFP NFTs as their social media and even Discord profiles to show other collectors that they’re part of the club. They can even spark conversations online by simply displaying them. When we look at the bigger picture, NFTs are experiences that become part of a person’s identity. They are keys to online communities that are passionate about cryptocurrency and other related projects.

Pairing physical products with NFTs

Experiences differ from one person to another. When it comes to ownership, psychologist Dr. Alain Samson shared that people are willing to pay more for the physical version of products. This is because having something that is tangible increases the psychological sense of ownership that a person feels over an item. In line with this, we have built the technology to encapsulate these experiences in our physical products paired with NFTs. These smart products are called “Phygitals.”

WAGMI pendant Real Items phygital

Real Items WAGMI (We’re All Going To Make It) necklaces given away at Context Art Miami. Each necklace comes with an NFC chip you can scan with your smartphone camera to claim a free NFT.


Phygitals expand products’ capabilities by adding a trusted digital layer using blockchain and NFTs. NFTs are inherently traceable and tamper-resistant. By pairing physical objects with NFTs, we now give owners the ability to prove their product’s authenticity. This is especially useful for consumer packaged goods (CPG), luxury brands, and limited-edition apparel

If that isn’t exciting enough, phygitals come with a feature that allows you to add unlimited “memories.” These may be in the form of text, images, or videos.


WAGMI memories CP3 Real Items Phygital

WAGMI necklace owners get access to the exclusive memories features in the Real Items app.


Now, instead of fleeting moments, you can capture these memories into photographs and videos you can always look back to. 

How to Add Memories to NFTs

Real Items phygitals include cool shirts and hoodies that you can take anywhere. Grab a limited edition Soul of Nomad phygital hoodie to start adding memories to an NFT. All the information you add is recorded on the blockchain, so these memories are safe and tamper-resistant.

Here’s how you can add memories to a Real Items phygital:

  1. Scan the QR code/NFC tag
  2. Input the one-time PIN (OTP) and your email
  3. Scroll down and press Services
  4. Click memories and tap the plus symbol
  5. Add information as desired
  6. Press “Add Memory” to save the information


Memories are a significant part of our lives and make us who we are. Memories, however, can also be fickle and fleeting. As an on-chain protocol for memories in digital assets, Real Items wants to help you create and preserve unforgettable moments whenever and wherever you may be. 

And if you’re still wondering, no, NFTs are not just overpriced jpegs. They are an essential part of phygitals, which are potentially the gateway to the metaverse. 

Want to turn your physical products into phygitals? Book a free discovery call with Real Items. Follow us on Twitter to learn more or join the conversation with our community on Discord.

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