Plastlo Chooses Real Items, Enabling Traceability, Authenticity for Sustainable Products

Elle Magazine Features Plastlo and Real Items in Expose on Recycled Plastic as Design Object

Global waste is expected to grow to 3.40 billion tonnes by 2050, according to the World Bank Report. That is 70 percent more waste in just 30 years, with the most notorious culprit among all waste being plastics. Plastic pollution not only causes toxic pollutants, but it also takes over hundreds if not thousands of years to break down. As a result, plastic creates microplastics from the degradation of larger plastic products after they enter the environment through natural weathering processes, and because plastics take over hundreds or thousands of years to break down, this increases the probability of microplastics being ingested and accumulating in the bodies and tissues of many organisms. Your family can be ingesting microplastics from the fishes they eat right now! How crazy is that?

Countless people and organizations have come up with ways to reduce plastics. From recycling plastics to overall refusing them in stores, environmental advocates have found ways to contribute to ecological sustainability. Among these advocates is Plastlo, a Czech company that recycles waste by turning them into sustainable furniture & interior design.

Plastlo contributes to environmental sustainability by giving waste a second life. The company uses 100% recyclable plastic and turns them into beautiful, timeless, and long-lasting side tables. Plastlo takes its commitment to a better environment a step further by partnering with Real Items.

Each Plastlo table is unique, meaning there is no design like it. Real Items technology proves each table’s authenticity using Industry 4.0 Smart Labels in the form of a QR code. These Smart Labels come with a one-time pin for two-factor authentication. 


Real Items smart label on Plastlo table
Plastlo Industry 4.0 Smart Label powered by Real Items technology

Once the QR code is scanned, the customer can take ownership of the table’s digital identity. The digital identity comes with vital information such as proof of origin, assembling instructions, table dimensions, etc. All this information is transparent on the blockchain, so customers can be sure that the recycled tables they purchased contribute to a sustainable environment.

Plastlo rainbow side table digital twin

Plastlo Pastel Side Table digital twin which proves ownership of the unique product.


The Real Items partnership with Plastlo is among our projects that ensure a Circular Economy. We believe in preserving Earth’s natural resources by providing transparency and ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

If your enterprise believes in environmental sustainability or providing a more authentic product for your consumers, get in contact with Real Items or join the conversation with Real Items in our Discord.

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  • I like what is going on here and will tweet and continue advocating sustainability starting with buying some furniture. Thks for the proof and trust please everything blockchain, VeChain blockchain.

    Tom Armistead

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