Real Items Reserves 1 Million+ Blockchain-Verified Masks For Small Businesses

  • In a recent report, over 6,000 counterfeit masks destined for Kingston, Jamaica was seized by the CBP.
  • To counter this problem, Real Items has reserved one million authentic and blockchain-verified PPE face masks only to be sold to small businesses, not large wholesalers.  
  • Buyers can verify the authenticity of the masks themselves and buy with no minimum order quantity.  

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – To counter the growing reports on fake masks worldwide, Real Items, a blockchain company, has reserved over a million authentic and verifiable PPE to direct buyers.

In a recent report by Loop Jamaica, over 6,000 counterfeit masks destined for Kingston, Jamaica from Hong Kong, were seized by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Cincinnati, US. These fake PPE may fail to protect its users as it did not have the same quality control standards as genuine masks. 

PPE masks with Real Items verification, on the other hand, are verified using advanced blockchain technology. Users only need to scan their QR code and PIN to prove authenticity.  The transferring of a digital twin is the final verification.  According to Real Items CEO David Menard, the masks are reserved for small businesses that are more likely to purchase counterfeits.

“If counterfeits can make the news, so should verified ones. Enough with everyone getting ripped off and taken advantage of,” he said.

Real Items authentic masks are available to consumers on the official website

For small business orders, you may contact



Real Items is a platform for brands and OEM manufacturers to combat counterfeit activity with end-to-end digitization of the product lifecycle. Real Items application suite includes traceability, anti-counterfeit, compliance reporting, and D2C engagement.

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