Save a Frontline Worker Today with Blockchain-Verified Authentic Masks

As of July 2020, around 600,000 people have died from COVID-19— the ones in most danger being the frontline workers. With this danger comes the need for quality masks by the bulk. While plenty of companies are mass-producing essential physical protective equipment (PPE), many counterfeit manufacturers are taking advantage of the pandemic by selling fake face masks.

Counterfeit masks do not have the proper filtration that genuine face masks have. They are manufactured in unsanitary environments where workers do not even wear appropriate equipment. What makes the problem worse is that it’s hard to differentiate between authentic and counterfeit masks as there are no tools or universal processes to verify.

With the lack of PPE and fake masks, more and more frontline workers are becoming COVID-19 positive.

And the sad part is that these frontline workers go out so we can stay safe at home.

Seeing this problem, we at Real Items Company have worked to incorporate our specialty— blockchain technology— into medical-grade masks to ensure that they are authentic and safe to use.


How it works

Real Items Company has checked with the CDC and FDA regarding claims or filings for KN95 masks sold in the United States. Tricol Clean is a company that manufactures KN95 masks and has adopted Real Items verification technology in their factories in China. Once produced, the company places a unique 2FA-QR code on each of the face mask’s packaging. These can be scanned using a smartphone’s stock camera or a WeChat QR code reader. 

After scanning the QR code, users type a one-time access pin, which gives them a digital certificate of authenticity. This two-part process proves authenticity with a tamper-proof record of origin. It’s no secret that any credential can be duplicated, but this method and system are something that no vendor can counterfeit.

All our verifiable masks come complete with the product’s origin, safety warnings, and recycling instructions. 

Furthermore, the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) international respirator assessment results showed that each mask has a maximum and minimum filter efficiency of 99.57% and 98.71%, respectively.

Tricol has labeled about 600,000 masks with Real Items verification, and 300,000 of the masks have been shipped internationally to the Netherlands, England, Canada, USA, Japan, and Singapore. 

Our mission is to bring authentic masks to every frontline worker, every family, and all those fighting for survival across the globe. 

And now, you can also take part in actively supporting our frontline workers by sending a care package of authentic, verifiable masks even from the comforts of your home.

Click here to donate masks to our frontline workers.

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