The Future is Phygital: Real Items Turns Physical Shirts into Digital Roblox Clothing

Have you ever wanted to wear your game character's clothes? Maybe you cosplay and enjoy looking like your favorite character.

I know you've tried looking like your Roblox character in real life. Don't deny it. 

Well, what if you can stop copying your avatar's clothes and have it match YOU instead?

This merger between the physical and digital world creates what is known as "Phygitals." This is exactly what Real Items is working towards. Our team of dedicated developers and designers has integrated the digital universe and fashion into one platform. 

That's right, you can easily access the Roblox version of your new fashion haul using the Real Items platform. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the clothes to collect the NFT. Check out this Phygital shirt in our shop.


Phygital shirt powered by Real Items technology. Simply scan the QR code on the physical shirt to acquire your digital Roblox clothing.


What is Phygital?

Phygital is about creating a new dimension of ecosystems between the brand and consumer. It is a convergence of technologies that bridge the digital and physical worlds with the purpose of unlocking unique business capabilities and creating engaging interactive experiences for enterprises and consumers. Introducing a physical t-shirt that can be worn digitally is one of many aspects of the phygital experience.

The phygital experience also extends to the gaming industry. A great example of this is Nintendo’s Amiibo products. Amiibos are wireless communication figurines. These collectible toys are shaped like Nintendo characters and can interact and transfer data in and out of their supported game software. By simply tapping the Amiibo to the game, players can immediately enjoy new characters, modes, and other in-game perks.

Uniquely secure

Real Items takes the phygital experience a step further by ensuring the security of information. In a recent speech by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, he stated that federal agents had seized over 11 million fake N95 masks intended for frontline healthcare workers throughout the nation. Such threats of counterfeit PPEs have motivated Real Items to trace the origin and prove Tricol Clean KN95 masks' authenticity.


Real Items verified KN95 mask with smart label

Real Items verified mask comes with a smart label and a one-time pin for two-factor authentication.

Aside from KN95 masks, Real Items technology also traces JACRA certified Jamaican Blue Mountain (JBM) coffee, the Queen of England's favorite and one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Each pack of authentic JBM coffee comes with a Real Items smart label in the form of a QR code. The Real Items smart label is tracked using Industry 4.0 technology, so it can never be counterfeited or tampered with.


 Real Items verified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Authentic JBM coffee secured with Real Items technology. Use promo code "realitems" to get 15% off every purchase.


With a proven and secure technology in place, Real Items hopes to see this contribute to improving various industries. The Phygital shirt on Roblox is just our first step towards bringing fashion's phygital experience to the gaming scene. Who knows, there might come a time when your Fortnite character gets to wear your favorite pajamas while you're beating noobs left and right. Winner winner, chicken dinner.  

If you create or sell unique clothes and would like to see them on your Roblox character, connect with our dedicated team here. Or you can join in the community conversation in Discord.

Cheers to the future of gaming, cosplay, fashion, and mixed reality.

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