Everything You Need To Know About Real Items

Real Items Company is a San Francisco-based startup with a full end-to-end application suite that leverages Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for inventory identity, anti-counterfeit, and digital quality assurance. We help people know the origin of their product and its authenticity with complete transparency.

We also help enterprises build trust with vendors, regulators, and consumers, by keeping all the records immutable. These records cannot be altered or hacked as they are decentralized and utilize blockchain technology.

Real Items envisions a world where every product has a digital identity that gives its own unique experience. We take the best aspects from the physical and digital space to create a more complete and satisfying customer experience.

Real Items also aims to be the leading anti-counterfeit solution for all consumers globally. We believe that everyone deserves protection and peace of mind knowing that their products are authentic no matter their nationality or social status.

Real Items technology now secures varying products worldwide, from Cannabidiol (CBD) products, essential oils, as well as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. 

As a platform that protects intellectual property, Real Items was born from the experience of losing an entire business to counterfeits.

In 2010, Real Items CEO and founder, David Menard, designed a product and wrote a patent for illuminated eyewear. David flew to Shenzhen, China, to source materials and connected with factories. He then set up manufacturing of the product in San Francisco, California. 


Shamele55 glasses Real Items
Shamele55 glasses designed by Real Items CEO David Menard. Each pair is hand-made with its own unique design.


The business was doing great until online sellers started counterfeiting the products. Unlike the original glasses, the knock-offs were low quality and sold for a much lower price. David was told to take the counterfeits as a compliment—people said his glasses had to be so good that manufacturers wanted to make knockoffs. It didn't take long before he started losing sales.

After three years of building his brand and designing thousands of glasses by hand, David had to shut down the business.

According to a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), counterfeit goods amounted to as much as 3.3% of world trade in 2016. They also reached 6.8% of EU imports from third countries. OECD further stated that China and Hong Kong were dominating the global trade of counterfeit goods in 2016. The most frequently seized counterfeit goods were footwear, clothing, leather goods, and machines (including ICT devices).

Real Items prevents counterfeits by utilizing blockchain and IoT technologies to give brands confidence in their intellectual property. We offer customers trust in their purchases by turning each physical product into “Phygitals” and giving each item a digital identity.


What are Phygitals?


Real Items Phygital
Livecanna phygital. Livecanna's Cannabidiol (CBD) products come with a digital twin where customers can access more information.


Phygitals are the convergence of the physical and digital world. This means that each physical product comes with a digital identity called a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). NFTs contain unique information that is stored on the blockchain.

To claim digital ownership of a phygital, simply scan the Real Items smart label on the product with your phone. Input the one-time pin and gain immediate access to the product’s unique information.


Real Items app authentic product

Real Items app after an authentic product is scanned. The app will show an error if the product has already been claimed by another person.


Phygitals are the future of great customer experience. They were mostly used at the height of the pandemic when people had to accomplish usual tasks such as grocery shopping digitally. In a time when people were encouraged to stay at home, phygitals gave customers the best components of digital retail experience like immediacy and immersion. Phygitals provide the perfect combination of security and convenience.

Real Items phygitals are secure because they are backed/secured by blockchain technology. This means that all products have proof of origin and can be traced for authenticity. Phygitals are also convenient because they give consumers direct access to customer service.

If you'd like to own a phygital, check out our awesome merch in the Real Items store.


Real Items Solution

Real Items gives consumers access to a phygital’s digital identity or NFT using a smart label. These smart labels are like Serialized QR codes but secured using blockchain technology, making them tamper-proof. Real Items smart labels adhere to industry 4.0 standards.  After scanning a label and taking digital ownership of a phygital, the owner will be redirected to the Real Items app; no downloads required. 

Real Items App

Real Items app viewed on the phone. The app includes a portfolio where you can store your NFTs.


The Real Items app allows customers to store, buy, and sell NFTs. For payments, the app lets you connect your bank account or credit card to add cash or USDC in the wallet section. Lastly, the app includes customer support for direct and accessible communication with Real Items representatives.

If you have a supply chain, a Shopify store, or an original brand, Real Items will allow you to easily create NFTs using the Tokenized Asset Manager (TAM). 


TAM Real Items
Real Items Tokenized Asset Manager (TAM). This is used by enterprise managers to create digital identities for physical products during the production stage.


TAM’s intuitive and easy-to-use design allows managers and store owners to create smart labels and batches of digital identities for each phygital. TAM enables enterprises to manage real-time inventory distribution and check their products’ global analytics. Additionally, TAM includes a direct line of communication with customers’ data analysis and metrics. 

With this ease of communication, you can swiftly answer inquiries and ensure that your customers are always satisfied.

Counterfeit manufacturers do not take accountability and therefore create dangerous products. Knockoff toys with high paint toxicity and choking hazards put children at risk. Fake outdoor apparel, which only aesthetically imitates authentic brands, may endanger the wearers in the most hostile environment. Counterfeit medicine could harm a patient. The Real Items solution prevents these by providing a platform that values security, sustainability, and convenience.

Regardless of race, gender, or social status, everyone deserves security. Convenience, moreover, does not have to come at the cost of ecological destruction. Real Items has leveraged blockchain technology and built this solution so that no one, whether you’re a business owner or a customer, has to fear for their safety.

If you’re a business owner who aligns with our values and would like to give your customers the same security and unique experience, BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY CALL with our dedicated team. You can also join the conversation in our Discord.  

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