Blockchain Product Serialization NFR's for Digital Identity

Blockchain integration made easy with turn key cloud platform to create digital certificates of authenticity for any product.  These can not be duplicated and represents the product's digital identity.

Built to replace the hologram sticker as the indicator of authenticity, you can verify a real item back to its origin.  This ensures end-consumers are receiving authentic products for secure purchases.    

Double immutable, built for interoperability  

Real Items provides Authenticity as a Platform for brand and consumer protection. Brands and consumers communicate directly establishing new experiences through digital ownership, consumer loyalty and incentivized recycling programs. With our cloud platform, brands can embed exclusive content into physical products including a recycling manual or points to gamify or align with other promotions.



Real Items leverages anti-counterfeit and marketing to provide an authentication experience which enables brands to strengthen brand loyalty. We provide deeper insight into your product, brand and customer experiences with an analytics dashboard to monitor real time engagement. 

At the end of Q2 we plan to release our Shopify & WooCommerce App