How does real items blockchain technology work?

Real items are products with matching digital certificates of authenticity. These records are immutable, non fungible and universally tradeable.


Brands start by creating a digital identity for the products they sell.  Brands can use our Shopify App or our cloud application/API to create digital identities and apply them to packaging or products.  

 Then consumers can scan the 2fa QR code to verify the product authenticity.



For Shopify store owners using the Real Items Shopify App, their users will be sent their NFT directly into their real items account.  They can double check the same product arrives when they scan the matching 2fa QR code.  



The PIN number can be sent to the user in a variety of ways. We focus on whichever is easiest for the user to use.  The PINs are one time use so once the NFT is registered to a real items account, the PIN is no longer useable.  This ensures the original owner a digital certificate of authenticity from the product's origin.  


You collect NFT's in your real items portfolio. 

This makes it easy to locate product information at a later date.  If a product is matched to a cause, you will receive follow up information within your portfolio.